This course gives you all the tools and techniques you need to develop this range of motion & it is available to everybody!

You will understand so much more about your human body and how it functions by the end

There is so much power to skill-based training. It is fun, and a healthy mindset shift.

Plus, when you focus on reclaiming your movement in a deep squat you get all the side benefits that come with it!

The many side benefits of the deep squat!

  • More mobile hips, knees & ankles
  • Improve lower back pain & tension
  • Better posture
  • Improved digestion
  • Less hip tightness
  • Better pelvic floor function

Plus enjoy the practical life activities, (like gardening, cleaning, reading) when this position becomes comfortable for long periods of time!

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The lost art of the Deep Squat

Did you know we learn to squat before we can even walk?
We were actually born pros at squatting!

Then... somewhere along the way, through the invention of chairs- we lost our ability to access this position and with this comes dysfunction.

My story...

This picture on the left was me in 2018, I had been working on hip mobility for a few months and whilst I could access a deep squat, I couldn't stay there long and it felt very RIGID!

Fast forward after we did a 30 day Squat Challenge with our movement community and I focused on hip, knee & ankle mobility - check out the picture on the LEFT!

I can now hang out comfortably in a squat for over 10 minutes, & actually do things while I am there! My feet can now point forward, my spine can actually move here, no pinching in my hips and I am almost ASS TO GRASS!

Everything in this course is exactly what I did to get there, so I know you can too!