Tired of only seeing general exercise programs that offer modifications for pregnancy?

Want to feel empowered and strong throughout your pregnancy? 

Looking to prepare your physical body for the best birth outcome possible? 

Movin' Mama is a program that puts mama’s movement wellness front and center, removing the usual fear and limitations whilst giving you the tools to take care of your body every day of your pregnancy.

Designed to empower you through your entire pregnancy and birth and give you a head start into recovery...

Focusing on movement and strength exercises that mamas CAN do, that are actually specific to each trimester, this program is designed to help put confidence and trust in your body. 

No matter if you’re preparing for a home birth, hospital birth, water birth or wild birth, this program is for you. Ange is here to guide you to the best pregnancy & birth outcome possible.

Help your body train for the huge physical event that is birth!

  • Alleviate and prevent common discomforts in pregnancies.

  • Help your body meet daily demands through each trimester.

  • Thrive instead of survive during pregnancy

  • Maintain your strength throughout pregnancy.

  • Prepare the body to have the best birth experience possible.

  • Feel strong and empowered going into birth.

  • Stack the cards in your favour for smoother delivery and easeful postpartum.

Every class has been intentionally and uniquely designed to support the changes your body has through each trimester as well as preparing for the physical demands of labour and post partum.

It's not just about maintaining your fitness level during pregnancy. It is about specifically training the body (including the pelvic floor) for childbirth. Because how we birth does effect the healing process.

Plain & simple we can get back to the stuff we love sooner if we are smart about how we are training our body during pregnancy. 

How does Movin' Mama Work?

  • Functional strength, mobility & yoga classes designed to help you through each trimester 

  • Classes that are bite size and easy to fit in, as well as longer workouts 

  • Downloadable easy to follow PDF's with helpful tips 

  • Bonus Expert Chats on topics:  

Choices in birth, Assisting labour with movement, Supporting your pelvic floor in pregnancy

  • Join our community Facebook group of Mamas so you can ask questions anytime

Functional Strength Classes

Gain the confidence to lift weights in your pregnancy, whilst working at a level that is suitable for your body.

Our goal is to maintain strength & stability in your body to prevent discomfort & prepare you for labour.

Pregnancy Yoga

Connecting intimately to your body & tending to your nervous system is key throughout pregnancy.

Gently open areas of your body & move with ease in our yoga classes.

Mobility & Conditioning

Take care of your joints & prevent stiffness in your body as you move through the trimesters.

I help you find the modifications for each trimester to maintain your movement quality.

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About me..

Hi there, I'm Angela.

Osteopath, and movement guide. Growing up playing sports and dancing lead me to love exercise but when I started to get pain and injuries I had to discover a better way to move. This led me to create The A Life and the movement courses we facilitate.

I am a mother to my baby girl Halo. I had a magical first birth at home in water, with my husband Marty by my side.

Regardless of how you chose to birth, I feel a fire within me to help you feel strong and free in your body throughout your whole pregnancy and feel ready for the marathon of birth & motherhood.

For over a decade I have treated women Osteopathically & facilitated pre & post-natal classes around Melbourne.

This course was filmed throughout my own pregnancy from my first trimester all the way to my third trimester & I can't wait too move through this special time in our lives together!