Get specific support to start healing from day 1, so that you can get you back to doing all the things you love in life sooner!

Heal faster & stronger with this program...

I give you the tools to fully recover from your pregnancy & birth.


Start moving gently from day one of your post partum (even if it is from your bed). There are some things you CAN do before you get clearance from your practitioner to start exercise.


Learn to slowly connect with your core again. I guide you to re-astablish you breathing and core engagement to restore you pelvic floor function.


Returning to functional movement is possible when you take the right steps towards getting stronger. Build your base and start feeling strong and mobile again.

With this program you will:

  • Have simple tools you can do from day 1
  • Reconnect & strengthen your entire core, including your pelvic floor so you can feel like you again
  • Recover quicker from tearing, abdominal separation, prolapse & other birth-related injuries
  • Understand how to heal intentionally from ceserean section
  • Ask questions and get support in our Movin' Mama facebook community

Feel confident you are doing what's best for your post partum body & healing

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About your guide

Hi there, I'm Angela.

Osteopath, and movement guide. Growing up playing sports and dancing lead me to love exercise but when I started to get pain and injuries I had to discover a better way to move. This led me to create The A Life and the movement courses we facilitate.

I am a mother to my baby girl Halo. I had a magical first birth at home in water, with my husband Marty by my side.

Regardless of how you chose to birth, I feel a fire within me to help you feel strong and free in your body throughout your whole pregnancy and feel ready for the marathon of birth & motherhood.

For over a decade I have treated women Osteopathically & facilitated pre & post-natal classes around Melbourne.

This course was filmed throughout my own pregnancy from my first trimester all the way to my third trimester & I can't wait too move through this special time in our lives together!