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About your guide

Hi there, I'm Angela.

Osteopath, and movement guide. Growing up playing sports and dancing lead me to love exercise but when I started to get pain and injuries I had to discover a better way to move. This led me to create The A Life and the movement courses we facilitate.

I am a mother to my baby girl Halo. I had a magical first birth at home in water, with my husband Marty by my side.

Regardless of how you chose to birth, I feel a fire within me to help you feel strong and free in your body throughout your whole pregnancy and feel ready for the marathon of birth & motherhood.

For over a decade I have treated women Osteopathically & facilitated pre & post-natal classes around Melbourne.

This course was filmed throughout my own pregnancy from my first trimester all the way to my third trimester & I can't wait too move through this special time in our lives together!