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Expand your strength and movement capabilities through our variety of movement practices.

  • Yoga
  • Strength & Mobility
  • Pilates
  • Natural Movement
  • Meditation & Breathwork.

What's even more important than the type of practices we guide, is that you get to learn how to move your body with quality, connection, develop strength & find ease. When you experience this, movement becomes part of your life!

Why our community loves the online experience!

  • Workout at home wearing whatever the hell you want!

  • Feel more calm in your mind & get stronger in your body.

  • Feel confident to try new things without risking injury

  • Stretch out and reverse all the tension from work with our classes designed for every body.
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Ange & Marty here, we are the founders of The A Life.

We are obsessed with movement and love exploring and sharing what our bodies can do. We have been developing our movement practice for over 10 years.

When you practice both ease and strength, not only does it keep things interesting but you will fall in love with moving your body!

We look forward to connecting and moving with you with you in our online studio.

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What our members are saying...

"Ange & Marty's approach to movement, strength, your body, and wellness is an amazing holistic practice that really helps you to tune in with your body. Through yoga, pilates, strength, and movement classes they have created a unique practice to take care of your health and live the best version of you."

Alex - Online Community Member


  • Scalable to ALL fitness levels

  • NO equipment needed

  • All classes can be done at home